Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parker's Birthday

Happy Birthday Parker!

Monday I got invited to Parker's birthday party. She picked Leo's place for her birthday dinner, good choice Parker. They got to play on the toys, and even I did, it was so fun to spend some time with Matt's family. Parker has always been such a sweet heart to everyone. I can't remember a time that she has ever said a hurtful thing to anyone. Seriously I don't think she has. She is a peace maker and such a sweet older sister and daughter. Never in a million years would you think this girl was only turning 7 because of how sweet and responsible she is. Love you Parker!

Matt, Landon and Parker getting ready to go down the slide.

Landon just playing, every time we put a camera on him he would just stop and say cheese. The kid never ceases to make me laugh.

Debbie, Scott, Matt, and lil Press, just getting ready to eat some salad. I'm pretty sure Presley ate close to every pineapple in sight.

Parker's star cake made by the infamous cake maker Jill :)

Scott and Jill, (some proud parents)

Here is a video of Matt and Presley, (aka Darlin) going down the slide with Landon to follow, and sweet Pacie who was so excited for her sister to have a birthday! Sorry its really dark!


Darci said...

I didn't know you were dating Debbie Landon's son! I love her! She was one of the best things at Clair E. Gale! Seriously she is one of my favorite people ever.

Jill said...

Ashley! Your post made me cry! You are so sweet and your words about Parker...well, thank you.

Just glad you're THE TL.
Love ya.

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