Monday, May 11, 2009

Missoula, Montana

Well since I have been in school I haven't really been able to post anything. This past weekend I finally remembered to take some pictures while I went to good 'ole Missoula, MT. Matt had a football game there on Saturday, and they were nice enough to invite me.

Our first stop was Dillon, MT we took a little driving break and Stan and Debbie showed us the famous prison. It is now a museum, but back in the day it was a pretty scary place. There was even walk-ways on the top of the surrounding walls that the guards used to keep a watchful eye on the prisoners.
Here is an real life guard and prisoner that we just happen to see :)

If you look close you can see the walk way steps on the right wall.

We continued our way and made it to Missoula where we went to Mckenzie River for some tasty pizza and salad that was so good. We actually ended up going there for lunch on Saturday, before Matt's game and they gave all of us our lunch for free. We felt pretty cool.

Matt's game was crazy they were missing 15+ starting players, but they still managed to pull off a win in double over-time. Their defense saved that game. Matt plays free safety, and had some really good plays, I wish I could have got all of them.

Just walking towards the stadium, it was so cool that Matt was able to play in a stadium.

Matt has been trying to gain some weight. His goal is 200 lbs, and since then he has grown out of his belt, so he tends to lose his pants throughout the game.

Me and Matt after the game, so happy they won!

This was a really cool play, Matt hit someone so hard their helmet flew off. Its kind of hard to see.

Matt getting ready for a play, he is basically the defensive coach for his team, Matt tells them how to run their plays, and where and when to play zone. The only game they have lost is when he wasn't there, and it wasn't even a hard team. His team needs him!

Stan and Debbie after the game. They were so nice to let me keep them company on this trip. I wish we could have stayed longer!

Me and Matt after the game ready to go eat at this cute sports restaurant. They had yellow sign in front of it that is usually used for a deer crossing sign, but they had a person on their hands and knees for drunk people crossing... only in Montana.

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