Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finals, Dates, Roommates

Ok so I have been writing papers for the past week so this is just like another paper except I am garenteed to pass...hopefully. Finals are next week and I am almost done with all my work. Although I have been super busy with school I have done some pretty cool stuff, last Saturday I went on a date and we hiked "R" mountain and ate dinner, then shot glow in the dark golf balls off the mountain, needless to say it was fun I just wish I had my dad's golf skills instead I was lucky if I even hit the ball. Here is a picture of us on the top of the mountain.

Last Sunday after the big family dinner at our house I went to my Aunt Sherri's house with my cousin Clancy, Matt Landon, and one of my roommates. My uncle Gordon asked us to go check the water out in the field, so we hopped on some forewheelers: Clancy on a motorcycle, Matt and I on a forewheeler and my roommate on a forewheeler by herself. While we were going down a dirt path we had a river on our left, we hadn't gone very far when I heard a splash followed by some screaming. We stopped and found my roommate had somehow managed to run the forewheeler and herself into the river. Luckily she was ok, but the forewheeler was taken away by the current and got stuck under a bridge. Only in Rigby does your friendly neighbor have a spare tracktor for events like this one. We had to get the tracktor and pull it out. Talk about an adventure! This weekend I got invited to spend the weekend in Logan with Matt Landon's sister and then on Saturday we will head to his all-star football game in Marsh Valley it should be pretty fun.

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