Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Matt's Birthday!

We got to celebrate Matt's birthday on Sunday it was such a great day. Matt has been such an amazing husband it was fun to let him just relax for a day. Since it was Sunday we didn't get to do a whole lot, and on Saturday he was nice enough to sacrifice his birthday weekend sitting in an auditorium all day watching dance routines all day long. We salvaged a little bit of the night by hitting Pizza Hut on the way home, and watching an episode of SNL. On Sunday it was the regular breakfast of french toast and some present opening. His requested present got postponed till a later date cause we couldn't get it in time, so I got him a black Wii.
Later that night we got to have everyone come over for some All Fool's Cake and ice cream. It was great to visit with everyone we don't get to see very often. Thank you to all that came!

Matt is turned 27 this year so I thought I would write 27 things I love about him.

1. His random bursts of conversation in the middle of the night while he is sleeping. The latest one was "Get the sling shot" haha
2. What a hard worker he is. I don't know many people who can do manual labor until 4 am and then wake up for school the next day at 8. Then coming home and hanging up some pictures for me.
3. For understanding me even when I don't.
4. Playing ridiculous made up games that make everything a lot more fun.
5. When he gets really excited about something or an idea he has, its like a little kid at Christmas.
6. Our matching razor scooters that we ride to school, everyone looks at us weird but they are jealous.
7. Always caring about me more than himself. Even when I tell him to pick something to do he always picks what he knows I want to do.
8. How talented he is at everything! I don't know anything that he hasn't succeeded at that he puts his mind to.
9. His selfless service to others. He has done so much for friends and family for free, and the best part about it is that he loves doing it for them.
10. That he loves sports. I love how much of a guy he is, watching sports center checking up on his Redskins on a daily basis, etc.
11. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and still cleans up nice.
12. He supports me in everything I do.
13. How good he is with all the nieces and nephews.
14. His good relationships with his siblings and his parents.
15. How OCD he is about keeping things clean, he is always willing to clean up the house on a Friday night. He will say "lets tidy up, we can tag team this."
16. His confidence.
17. His love for the gospel, and knowledge of it.
18. How well he gets along with my friends and family. Its not that often you can get along with everyone in a family of 10.
19. When he is really goofy and acts like a variety of different characters; cheerleader, dancer, tough guy and so many more its hilarious.
20. The fact that he always tells me how much he appreciates me and cares about me.
21. His non-judgmental attitude towards everyone.
22. His ability to make me laugh at any time.
23. How not picky he is no matter what it is whether its what movie we go to, where we are going to eat, who we are hanging out with it doesn't matter.
24. For always being there for me when I am having a hard time.
25. Allowing me to still do that things that I love even if it means being gone for long periods of time.
26. How good of a husband and father he is going to be someday.
27. Lastly how well he takes care of his stuff. He still has toys and clothes that are in perfect condition from when he was a little boy with all the pieces remaining, its incredible.

I could keep going on and on but that will have to be for the years to come. Bottom line is Matt is an incredible person who I love so much. I am so blessed to have him as my best friend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Catch Up!

These past couple weeks I have really had a lot of time to think. I love where I am at in life. I am in my last semester of school which is surprisingly bittersweet. I love to sit in a class and learn about things that I am interested in. Last week I realized I had this program that does incredible stuff to images without damaging them..Adobe Bridge. Here is an example of a picture I took and then after I edited it in Bridge.

Isn't that awesome! Its not a huge difference to some people, but if you take pictures at all you will understand lighting is hard sometimes.

I have really been slacking on my blog, so here is a quick recap of everything that has been going on. Matt and I started school in April, and we are already 4 weeks in..10 weeks to go. Matt finished a huge makeover project at his work by making a break room/bedroom/shower & bathroom. He and his dad did some tag team and it turned out looking so awesome.

Last weekend the studio I worked for cleaned house a huge competition in Utah. Every single one of our dances took 1st place except for 4, and one dance won 1st overall, and we got the"Best Technique" award. This weekend we are going to Logan for our last competition. Its going to be exciting. Hopefully we can do just as well at this competition.

Matt's birthday is coming this Sunday, and I will be doing a post on him later in the week. I just wanted to point out how thankful I am that he is spending his birthday weekend at a dance competition, talk about a sacrifice!

Well that is all for now I will hopefully be posting again soon!

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