Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Sitting at the game, Mitch, Sarah, Stan, Little Ari, Deb and Chief/Tyler.

Easter weeked went by too fast! Matt's brother Mitch, his wife Sarah and their little girl came up from Vegas to spend a couple days during their spring break. It was a lot of fun to see them again, even though I'm sure that our weather right now puts us at the bottom of the totum pole if you want to actually enjoy your spring break. Regardless they came and we actually had a fun time.

The girls just eating at the tasty Snake Bite, Pinewood Derby, TL, Sarah, Rach and TL jr.

The semi-pro league that Matt is on also had their first game on Saturday against Highland. If you are from Eastern Idaho you can understand Highland is a tough team to beat, but of course we are tougher! They ended up winning the game 18-10, a good way to start the season! Matt is play safety, and made some pretty sweet plays, and almost had an close! Even though my camera isn't very high tech I still managed to get some good shots. (He is number 24, red and gold)

Matt just waiting to start.

He is the one on the far right taking down the Highland player!

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