Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two more days.....

I have been getting a lot more sleep over the past week due to Matt being in Las Vegas helping his brother Mitch paint his new house, fix up some things, and hook up some appliances. My life is pretty uneventful when he is gone, I have to admit I miss him and his fun personality that always makes my day better.

A good example of why he makes me laugh....
Whenever we get a chance to go shopping I always seem to lose Matt, and then find him later dressed in some ridiculous outfit. He always acts as if everything is normal. These are two of my favorites that made me laugh so hard I had to take pictures.

He actually pulled of the skinny jeans to my surprise. Ha Ha

One time we were in Target looking for a skirt for me, and I looked around the corner, and here Matt is asking me if I like this dress he was looking at. It was so funny!

I don't know what I would do without him, my life would be so boring so you can see why I can't wait for him to get back! If any of you have some words of encouragement please send them my way :)

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