Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok so this has taken me a very long time and with some down time every once and a while I made this list of 100 things about me. I'm not sure if I did it right but hey this is for you Sharese...

1. I'm not a very good decorater or have skills with crafts.

2. I am pretty simple when it comes to jewelery and clothes, jeans and a t-shirt suit me just fine.

3. I recently changed my hair from blonde to dark brown, and I really like it.

4. I really like pumpkin pie, actually my mom makes it for my birthday cake.

5. I have some crazy mario kart skills.

6. I teach hip hop, tap, tumbling, jazz and lyrical at ERDA and its my favorite thing in the world.

7. I think that my voice is kinda low and guyish which I believe leaves me without a pretty singing voice.

8. When I was in 9th grade I got chicken pox from a girl I babysat and they were so bad that I only looked in the mirror once, I wouldn't let anyone see me or take pictures, they looked like big warts (gross I know) and I had them in my ears, nose, throat, eyelids, legs, stomach, get the picture.

9. I don't really know how to wear excessive make-up like eye shadow, eye liner, blush, lip stick, lip liner, shimmer, etc. and when I do I feel like people look at me and think to themselves, man if that girl even knew what she looked like.

10.I made the varsity soccer team when I was a freshman through my senior year.

11. I lived in California for a summer and got my personal training certificate and worked with all kinds of interesting people.

12. I like the names Cameryn and Daphnie for girls, and Daxton for a boy.

13.I love my family, and wish all the time that I could spend more time with them.

14. In high school I always wanted to be the mascot at least for one game.

15. All my soccer buddies would got to our high school football games 3 hours early and bring pizza and a football and play pass, just so we could get a front row view.

16.I like to do hair.

17. I like dogs but hate cats they are creepy and suspicious.

18. I really miss my sister whitney and think about her everyday.

19. I wish I had more time to do things for people I have so many good people in my life that have been such good examples to me.

20. If I could have a super power it would be to read people's minds.

21. I love to run it relieves stress and clears my head.

22. I want to accomplish something great in my life.

23. I like the sounds of zippers, velcro, and buttons.

24. I love to watch people chew food I think its so cool haha man i'm weird.

25. I love little kids so much they are so non judgemental and have such unique personalities. I can't wait to have a family of my own...someday.

26. My little sister Natalie knows me better than anyone I know.

27. I like to read, I didn't back in highschool, but now reading a book is so relaxing.

28. My favoite show to watch is SYTYCD, and Heroes.

29. I'm a nut professional seriously just ask.

30. I like things to be clean, non- cluttered, and organized.

31. I love Christmas! When Christmas roles around i'm the happiest person everyone wants to do nice things for people and the music, decorations, smells, lights just overwhelm me with happiness.

32. I like to surprise people, although i'm really bad at keeping them in cause I get so excited, probably more excited than the person getting the surprise.

33. This is my dream car

34. I'm studying advertising/communications right now.
35. I recently love to wear scarves
36. I think all my siblings and the spouses of the ones that are married are so talented and have so much cool stuff about them!
37. My parents are so amazing I don't know how they raised us all, but i'm so thankful for them.
38.I would be happy eating oatmeal for one of my meals every day for the rest of my life. There have been days were I have had oatmeal for every meal of the day!
39. My favorite fruit is apples.
40. I don't know much about cars, when I get my oil changed and they tell me what they did I just act like I know exactly what they are talking about.
41. I love to choreograph dances sometimes I can't sleep cause I have all these crazy dance ideas in my head.
42. I'm a morning person, I love mornings.
43. I hate scary movies, and if I ever watch one the images are forever in my head and I have nightmares for a long time. In high school my sisters would have to come in my room and stay there till I fell asleep.
44.I have a continuously growing knowledge of the washington redskins, and my favorite player is #26 Clinton Portis...RB.
45. I've met most of the Kansas J-Hawks team thanks to Travis and Sharese.
46. I have never been out of the country besides Canada, but that doesn't count.
47. I love the gospel, true there are some Sundays I am struggling to stay awake or my mind is in a million different places, but I know that it's true.
48. I love oatmeal choc. chip cookie dough seriously! I even have the recipe memorized.
1/2 c shortening
1/2 c brown sugar
1/4 c sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 c flour
an excessive amount of oatmeal
and some chocolate chips.
Combine dry ingredients before adding. Bake @ 350 for 9 minutes or so, I promise they are so good!
49. I can make a pretty good batch of bread.
50. In fact I believe that I can cook, one of the few things that I know i'm capable of doing.
51.I hate going to the doctor, I hate needles, I hate the sight of blood, if I never had to go to the doctor again I would celebrate, and make it a holiday or something.
52. I love to floss my teeth.
53. I like to be prepared and have things done way before they are supposed to be done.
54. I drop my cell phone A LOT!!
55. I have few close friends, but the ones I do have are the best people I know.
56. I sometimes get sad/mad that Sean Taylor had to die.
57. I like stickers, tickets, coupons, cards, museums, puzzles, word searches and pictures.
58. I don't like flaky people.
59. Along with my love for chirstmas is decorating I love it there is no such thing as too much christmas decorations.
60. I went to Hawaii during Thanksgiving with my sister and her little family and wish that sometime I could go back it is so fun!
61. I love to snowboard i'm no pro but i'm decent.
62. Biology might as well be a foreign language to me.
63. I don't like overly dramatic people they stress me out.
64. I love flag football, frisbee, soccer, dancing, and gymnastics
65.Missionaries are the bomb diggity!
66.I think I am too sarcastic sometimes and people don't get it.
67. JoAnna
68. Bad smells make me want to vomit.
69. I love jazz music it takes me to a happy joke.
70. Matt is my best sweetest bud :), I have fun doing anything even if it is listening to the latest discovered song, or reading up on the skins, or running to the gas station for a new mixture of a drink or playing Mario or Madden it doesn't matter.
71. I like fireplaces they are comforting to me.
72. If I need some cheering up or a good laugh I just call Sharese.
73. Devin and Julie always give the best advice and help me get through anything.
74. I like waffles and peaches.
75. This is taking way too much of my time!
76. I don't like spiders, snakes, bees or bugs in general.
77. I like to do cool stuff with photoshop.
78. I-pods are such a great invention.
79. Sometimes I get in the weirdest moods and do some crazy stuff and I don't know how everyone still hangs around me.
80. I like super hero movies. I think that superman, spiderman, transformers, and all theX-men are so cool.
81. Bruce Willis and Jason Stathom are my favorite actors and its weird to me that they are both balding.
82. My favorite band is Def Leppard, and I love old rock music.
83. I've always wanted to be sang to, danced with, swept off my feet, rescued.
84. My neices and nephews are the jam!
85. I don't like to write.
86. I'm very proud of the fact that all 5 of my brothers served missions.
87. For some reason I loved David O. McKay when I was little.
88. I love hot weather love it!!
89. I got pluerisy from a psyco army class I took.
90. I always wish that when people are speaking a different language and think they are so cool, that I could know what they are saying and talk to them.
91. I want to visit Paris, London, Austrailia, Sweden, China, Japan pretty much everywhere.
92. Believe it or not I can make up some pretty sweet raps.
93. I like to get gifts for people that they would never expect.
94. I like jeans.
95. Heels are only fun for about 20 minutes.
96. I don't dring soda and haven't since 7th grade.
97. My favorite color is baby blue.
98. I like to go to sporting events.
99. I am so blessed, and have so much more than I deserve.
100. I love life, and want to become a better person everyday.
Holy cow that is so long i'm blogged out for the week enjoy my list!

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