Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture of the Week

So I decided that to make myself not only take pictures, but actually keep up on my blog I am going to start doing a picture of the week. So to start out I have to put this picture of Matt's game cause it was a sweet interception. He has mad skillz ( skills spelled with a z only means that their skills are top notch. For real look it up) haha

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My life = homework = stressed out = no sleep = tired + teaching dancing = really sore = exhausted = no time to do anything for myself.....Not tonight though I got out of class early today (6:00) and I was just going to lay down and think about an assignment and do it...seriously I was. Then I fell asleep and I finally got up at 11:00, so now I am sitting here after sleeping for 5 hours wondering what to do. I figured I haven't blogged for a long time, so here are some pictures that I have had in storage since my last blog.

Here is me and Matt at one of his games, this was like the last nice weather game of the season, and my mom, dad and little sister Natalie got to come watch.

Here is Matt on his birthday, and my sweet cake that was my first attempt at fondant, and stacking tiers so don't hate.

Matt my favorite I hope he had a good birthday, we went to Olive Garden for dinner then came home and had cake.

This picture just cracks me up Pacie let me stick pretzels up her nose it was awesome.

One of my favorite tackles, look at that leg :)

Matt shaved a mohawk, and I am not going to lie I liked it a lot. Thanks Jill for doing that no wonder we are fellow TLs.

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