Friday, January 30, 2009

My 21st Birthday

Last Thursday was one of those days. One of those days that is so good and even when your hair isn't working out or you spill something on your favorite pants thats stains them permanently, or you are exhausted, and then after all of that it doesn't even set you back or make you upset for one second and just laugh about it. Well yesterday was one of those days for me. Here is a play by play of my day......

6:30-Matt comes to my house and makes waffles from scratch, with my favorite syrup, and strawberries.
7:00-I wake up to breakfast in bed and a rose with a card attached.

8:00- Finished up breakfast head downstairs and find Matt has fixed my cd player in my car that has been broke for a couple months now. I had started to just get used to not listening to music or anything in my car.
8:30-Walked into my room that was completely decorated thanks to Natalie!

11:00-Dyed my hair darker, and went to pick up my little sister Natalie from school so we could have lunch together at Garcias. Where I got serenaded by some waiters and waitresses, while wearing a sombrero. Then got handed my second note and rose of the day by our waitress.

1:00-Surprised with a pedicure! Even if I would have gotten it alone I would have been happy, but right as I sat down in walks Matt's sister Jill to join me. I cried. It was so fun baby!

2:00-Got to open another one of my many presents from Matt, some new really nice speakers and sub woofer for my new lap top, how cool is that. He is the best for real!
3:30-Went to cd world, and Matt planned to have a guy walk up to me and tell me happy birthday, and gave me another note with a new Wii game. (One time we rented Mario Galaxy on the Wii and we liked it so much, we would play it every night haha, but we never rented it again so Matt just surprised me with it.
5:00-Had to go to one of my performances at halftime. Natalie and Matt had to tough it out and sit there while we practiced for two hours before the performance. What troopers!

7:00-Came home. We were so tired from the day we wanted to go out to dinner, but just made pizzas instead, and got my other note delivered.

9:00-Went out to Stan and Deb's for some popcakes, cards and movie tickets. Thanks Jill and her family for the sweet cards and yummy cupcakes, and Stan and Deb for the fun card and the Edward's tickets, I just might have a date for a movie :)
11:00-We planned on playing the new game for a bit, but were so exhausted! Instead I got my last card of the day, and went to bed.

What an awesome day huh? I will remember it forever. Thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes I love and appreciate you all so much!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday 21st Ashley!!!!!

All right I thought I would post on Ashley since it is her 21st birthday!! (there is other things exciting about 21 than being able to drink!! :) I decided that Sharese's idea of the 21 things is amazing so I decided to try it!

21. She is old enough to drink.....water!

20. She always has cold hands and feet, but luckily she has some magic gloves!

19. She has the coolest nicknames like shlee, shlee-son, stokes, stoker, and last but not least, chiles!!

18. Ashley loves little kids and is so great with them!

17. She makes really good Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.

16. Shlee shares everything and I really don't think she has a selfish bone in her body!

15. She needs to follow our bathroom rules more carefully........ :D

14. Ashley has some serious skills in talking fast... her "dibs not!" when the phone rings is just amazing!

13. Chiles is such a great role model to me, her family, her dance students, or anyone around her.

12. She made the Varsity Soccer Team for IF as a freshman.

11. Ashley is so creative. She choreographs all her dances and designs her costumes...(whether or not the turn out white instead of black :D)

10. She is obsessed with oatmeal, magic gloves, and the Redskins.

9. Her favorite pie is pumpkin!

8.She comes up with the coolest names for little kids.. Cameryn, Daphnie.

7. She has a serious issue with stealing my i got her one for her birthday!

6. Ashley cares. Everyone can relate to ashley, or be dealing with a problem and we can all just go talk to her.

5. Shlee is such an amazing runner! she is so determined and I have a dard time trying to catch up with her!

4. When she reads this she will either say a) unbelievable, or b) nats!!

3. She needs to stop watching scary comment needed.

2. She teaches me to love all her favorite shows so that we can be obsessed together!!

1. She is an amzing sister!! I love her so much!! happy birthday ashley!!
Happy Birthday from nat-a-shlee

You Know you love me!! haha

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parker's Birthday

Happy Birthday Parker!

Monday I got invited to Parker's birthday party. She picked Leo's place for her birthday dinner, good choice Parker. They got to play on the toys, and even I did, it was so fun to spend some time with Matt's family. Parker has always been such a sweet heart to everyone. I can't remember a time that she has ever said a hurtful thing to anyone. Seriously I don't think she has. She is a peace maker and such a sweet older sister and daughter. Never in a million years would you think this girl was only turning 7 because of how sweet and responsible she is. Love you Parker!

Matt, Landon and Parker getting ready to go down the slide.

Landon just playing, every time we put a camera on him he would just stop and say cheese. The kid never ceases to make me laugh.

Debbie, Scott, Matt, and lil Press, just getting ready to eat some salad. I'm pretty sure Presley ate close to every pineapple in sight.

Parker's star cake made by the infamous cake maker Jill :)

Scott and Jill, (some proud parents)

Here is a video of Matt and Presley, (aka Darlin) going down the slide with Landon to follow, and sweet Pacie who was so excited for her sister to have a birthday! Sorry its really dark!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Flag Football

Ok don't get me wrong I love the snow its a grand time, but seriously I'm done with it. I'm pretty sure it snowed like 10 ft. this past weekend and its just COLD. Snow is great for Christmas but now I'm ready for some sunshine and flip flops. Here are just some old pictures from last sememster playing flag football. My team was pretty good we got to the championship game, but lost to a really good team. Not too big of a deal though I'm slowly still recovering I mean it was a serious game! BYU-Idaho sports are no joke (;. Anyways it doesn't matter cause our shirts were the coolest ones ever. All the teams were named like....ok I can't even remember exactly, but they were things like blondes, hippos haha I don't know, but I do remember that our team had the coolest shirts and name...Restrained. Even if we weren't very good just the name alone makes you wish you were on the team huh. Anyways it was the best team I have been on maybe we'll come back in the summer and take the trophy (which is actually just a t-shirt) but still!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The good ole' days

Recently I came across these old pictures of the good old high school days. Soccer was my favorite thing in high school. Usually my whole team would hang out on weekends at school meet up for lunch together. Talk about good times! When I was a freshman two of my friends and I made the Varsity team at IF we almost passed out we were so excited. We had been playing together since 6th grade. I miss those days that all that mattered was whether or not we won a game or that a "big deal" was when someone would miss practice. Everything is so much different now but taking in the good and the hard times when you have good friends, (boyfriend :) and family that are with me no matter what! Thanks to everyone that make me so happy I love you all so much!

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