Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The good ole' days

Recently I came across these old pictures of the good old high school days. Soccer was my favorite thing in high school. Usually my whole team would hang out on weekends at school meet up for lunch together. Talk about good times! When I was a freshman two of my friends and I made the Varsity team at IF we almost passed out we were so excited. We had been playing together since 6th grade. I miss those days that all that mattered was whether or not we won a game or that a "big deal" was when someone would miss practice. Everything is so much different now but taking in the good and the hard times when you have good friends, (boyfriend :) and family that are with me no matter what! Thanks to everyone that make me so happy I love you all so much!


Reese said...

I wish I could have been as cool as you were in high school. Soccer is cool.

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