Monday, June 2, 2008

Punk Fetcher

Recently my roommates have been calling me "punk fetcher" when I decide to spend my friday night at home instead of hanging out with them which consists of them talking about how they are depressed about not being married or having a boyfriend. Maybe I should participate in these conversations, but I guess I just find it irrelevent because every guy I have met is still transitioning from retarded to less retarded. Any advice would be appreciated from the married siblings on this subject.
Well I figure its about time to write about my life right now, so yes I am single again but life is good. My classes are mentally really easy this semester, but physically tiring. My military fitness class is making me hard core I we recently did a 5 mile run, and I tried it again last saturday and it actually felt good. Life is so good even with some questionable roommate issues and the lack of male prospects. I can't wait for school to be out though and to see everyone again.
My ward is really cool we are hiking to the "R" this Saturday I am hoping that will make up the blessings from missing FHE for the required flag football practices that our coaches say is necessary for winning, and since I skipped the last practice and our team lost the last game its obvious I need to be a practice. Here is an old picture from Leah Stoker's reception.

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