Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

Well where do I begin. This past weekend was a blast! Matt and I decided to take a road trip to Utah and spend some time with his sister Rachel and her family and his brother Tyler and his wife Ashley. We also got to see My brother's Jeremy, Devin and his wife Julie. They were all kind enough to let us stay at their houses and hang out with us.

First we went to Rachel's on Thursday night, and even though I wasn't feeling very good and kept Matt up all night being my slave getting me medicine, food, water etc. the next day was really fun. Rachel made us swedish pancakes in the morning and homemade syrup, it was so good. We got to spend some time with her kids Niamh, Ryan, and Bergin.

Niamh, Ryan, Matt and Me
Lil Ryan, Niamh, and Matt
Ryan was having so much fun with the remote.
Niamh was so tired she was trying so hard to stay awake.
Of course Matt is being a handy man even when he is on vacation.

Next stop, Friday, Devin and Julie's. We all went to Red Mango which is one of my favorite places, and then rented In the Name of the King. FYI don't ever see that movie I fell asleep within the first five minutes, and Julie was quick to follow after me. Which left Devin and Matt to suffer through the movie, they ended up just making fun of it the whole time.

Devin, Julie, Matt, and Me

Julie, Devin, Jeremy and me

Valentine's Day was spent with Chief and Pip aka Tyler and Ashley. We met for lunch at Chipotle and then headed to grab some movie tickets for, Paul Blart, Mall Cop it was funny I'm going to have to admit. We went to Sports Chalet while we waited for our movie and looked around and shopped for a bit. I found some running pants that I really liked, but didn't want to fork out $55 for them, so I passed sadly. We had dinner reservations at seven at a surprise location that ended up being the best Valentine's day dinner i've ever had. We pulled up to Chik-fi-let and walked into a transformed restaurant with black table cloths, flowers, chocolate and strawberries for the chocolate fountain. We were lucky enough to listen to the love station while we ate it was so much fun seriously. I opened one of my presents and sure enough Matt had grabbed those running pants I wanted to badly some how with me still in the store, I had no idea.

Chief and Pip, Tyler loved that chocolate :)
Getting fed some chocolate covered strawberries.
I decided to return the favor.
Our little dinner table.
Tyler and Ashley tried on these ridiculous hats at Sports Chalet.

Last of all I just wanted to thank everyone, but especially Matt! He made the weekend 10X more fun, and special. I wish everyone could see all that he does to put up with me and still keeps a smile on his face. Thanks for making valentines day so special!

Here is a little peek of our night, Tyler got Matt to fill up a hollow piece of chocolate with even more chocolate and he had to drink it all! It was probably 1/4 Cup of chocolate at least, but of course Matt still did it :)

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