Monday, January 26, 2009

Flag Football

Ok don't get me wrong I love the snow its a grand time, but seriously I'm done with it. I'm pretty sure it snowed like 10 ft. this past weekend and its just COLD. Snow is great for Christmas but now I'm ready for some sunshine and flip flops. Here are just some old pictures from last sememster playing flag football. My team was pretty good we got to the championship game, but lost to a really good team. Not too big of a deal though I'm slowly still recovering I mean it was a serious game! BYU-Idaho sports are no joke (;. Anyways it doesn't matter cause our shirts were the coolest ones ever. All the teams were named like....ok I can't even remember exactly, but they were things like blondes, hippos haha I don't know, but I do remember that our team had the coolest shirts and name...Restrained. Even if we weren't very good just the name alone makes you wish you were on the team huh. Anyways it was the best team I have been on maybe we'll come back in the summer and take the trophy (which is actually just a t-shirt) but still!


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