Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday 21st Ashley!!!!!

All right I thought I would post on Ashley since it is her 21st birthday!! (there is other things exciting about 21 than being able to drink!! :) I decided that Sharese's idea of the 21 things is amazing so I decided to try it!

21. She is old enough to drink.....water!

20. She always has cold hands and feet, but luckily she has some magic gloves!

19. She has the coolest nicknames like shlee, shlee-son, stokes, stoker, and last but not least, chiles!!

18. Ashley loves little kids and is so great with them!

17. She makes really good Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.

16. Shlee shares everything and I really don't think she has a selfish bone in her body!

15. She needs to follow our bathroom rules more carefully........ :D

14. Ashley has some serious skills in talking fast... her "dibs not!" when the phone rings is just amazing!

13. Chiles is such a great role model to me, her family, her dance students, or anyone around her.

12. She made the Varsity Soccer Team for IF as a freshman.

11. Ashley is so creative. She choreographs all her dances and designs her costumes...(whether or not the turn out white instead of black :D)

10. She is obsessed with oatmeal, magic gloves, and the Redskins.

9. Her favorite pie is pumpkin!

8.She comes up with the coolest names for little kids.. Cameryn, Daphnie.

7. She has a serious issue with stealing my i got her one for her birthday!

6. Ashley cares. Everyone can relate to ashley, or be dealing with a problem and we can all just go talk to her.

5. Shlee is such an amazing runner! she is so determined and I have a dard time trying to catch up with her!

4. When she reads this she will either say a) unbelievable, or b) nats!!

3. She needs to stop watching scary comment needed.

2. She teaches me to love all her favorite shows so that we can be obsessed together!!

1. She is an amzing sister!! I love her so much!! happy birthday ashley!!
Happy Birthday from nat-a-shlee

You Know you love me!! haha


Darci said...

That is so cute!

C H R I S T I N E said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Love your blog! Donevan says hi too!

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