Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching Up

Just a quick catch up on some of the fun things that I have been up to. I love hanging out with friends and family they are the people that I care about most. Get ready for a picture overload!
Rebecca and I before our Rook game, I don't even think we planned the Rook box being like that.
Eating some tasty dessert, (Matt, Doug)
I am not good at the chip game I always miss the chip.The chip game was invented by Doug one day when he swiped a chip across his mouth and bit it perfectly in half without spilling any crumbs its a lot harder than it looks. You take a chip and swipe it past your mouth (fast) and you have to bite chip in half without any crumbs falling.
I think Matt might have gotten it that time!
Doug almost getting it!
Rebecca taking a try at it.
Little Pacie at Parker's B-day party.
Presley at Parker's B-day party.
Parker and her birthday cake.
Jills purple frosting that seemed to disappear slowly every time someone walked by it.
The juicy dinner that Debbie set up for all of us candles and all!
Doug and Matt on one of our dinner and movie nights.
Little Brady just so curious about everything.
Rebecca's cookies about to go in the oven. They are my favorite its always such a treat when she makes them :)
One of my little dance groups right before we performed at a halftime.


Rebekah said...

ok, how was that ROOK box staged so perfectly for the picture?? and I laughed so hard at your capture of the chip challenge--SO FUNNY!! And you made me cravfe my own cookies, that capture looked so gooey and delicious! and I can't handle how yummy pacie's birthday cake looked--and your dance team is SO cute--little pink hip-hoppers:) I bet they are so good! I want to see you compete and those little girls! can't wait for Monday:)

Reese said...

Cute pictures, Ashley. Looks like a fun game, I don't think anyone in my family could do it.....ever.
Um, I feel it is my duty to tell you that your blog background is a little bright. Next, you will be wearing puffy sleeves and reading cookbooks.

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