Sunday, August 30, 2009


A couple days ago Matt and I decided to go shoot some arrows. I know its way random, but I just read a book about this girl who was in a stadium and shot through an apple in a pig's mouth that was in the bleachers, so that could be the real reason. It is also possible that I really have secret Robin Hood like skills that I needed to discover. This wasn't the case, but it was really fun, and I appreciate people who can actually aim with a bow now cause by the end of the hour I could barley pull the string back. If you were wondering...Matt was automatically a pro and was even giving me pointers. Here are some pics of the day.

They give you new targets without any holes when you start off.
You can go ahead and guess which target is mine. Notice on the one below how many more holes are in it than the one even lower. I might have had a hard time hitting the actual target.

If Matt had more time with this I don't think it would take long for huge chunks to be taken out of the paper because he hit it so many times.

At least I touched the white in the middle a couple times.

Just to get an idea of how far we were from our targets.

Look at that form.

Matt of course was automatically good at it. Really what else is new if he wanted to I bet he could live in the wilderness with a bow and arrow and hunt his own food, and survive easily.

He hit the X on the bulls eye. Pretty impressive.


Rebekah said...

That is so impressive! i cant believe you were that far away and actually hit the target at all...i would for sure not even be able to make mine fly at all! it really was fun seeing you again at the reunion, we really should double some time...have matt call doug and lets set something up:)
love, Rebekah

Reese said...

I am going to start calling you, Xena, Warrior Princess. Has a nice ring to it. You guys are funny. I am impressed by your skills.

Sadie said...

HEy girl its Sadie Vandersloot! I found your blog and its adorable!

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