Thursday, August 27, 2009

Way Overdue!

So I have had these pictures for so long, but I thought TL would want to see them seeing as how they are her kids. For Scott and Jill's birthday treat I took their kids for a night while they went out and played. We had a lot of fun playing outside, making bread, and a little mario kart. Here are some pics.

Playing some MK it was a little tough at first but they started to get the hang of it.
Playing in the gym with the music blaring of course.
Parker doing the hula.

Presley being a little hesitant about looking at the camera.

There we go just had to get her warmed up.

Making bread loaves with the kids they only needed a little help :)

Ok maybe a lot Landon would just squeeze the dough really haha but they all turned out good!

This kid cracks me up.


Jill said...

Let me just say-you almost brought tears to my eyes. TL-you are such a good friend.

I so appreciate the way you are to our kids. I know that they love you-and so appreciate their example.

And I love ALL of these pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

You're the besssst.

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