Sunday, December 27, 2009

San Francisco Part II

Get ready for a ton of pictures. I finally got time to do a blog on our trip. We had such a great time every day was so fun. The food was amazing, and every night we would stop by this little ice cream place, and have some homemade ice cream that was so good. Thanks again Stan and Deb for the best trip we will remember it forever!

At Alcatraz the only place the prisoners had for fun was this. It was so depressing they said some would just stare at the city when they got to come outside.

On our Alcatraz tour.

Just watching the players warm up. The guy on the Left with the full maroon coat on is the coach.

Deb and Stan up in Coit tower.
This is Coit tower from the ground.

Up in Coit tower. You can see Alcatraz right in between us.

There was so many cool trees lit up, here is just one of them.

On our way to Alcatraz.
London Fletcher warming up.
One of Matt's favorite players, we were so close to him it was crazy!

Our second hotel room was so cool it had two bathrooms, and two TVs it was so fancy and right downtown, so you could walk right outside and go anywhere.

We went on a mini hike to Coit tower. There were almost 400 steps, and the best view.

Here is Stan and Deb coming up the steps.

San Fran bridge

Just waiting at the airport

In our first hotel, it was so cute. It had the coolest decorations and layout.
The first place we ate we got to go outside because they had heaters that kept you so warm, so we just ate and watched everyone go by it was so fun.


Jill said...

your post brings back so many fun memories of my trip to San Fran. Calzones-so good and so fun to sit outside. Coit tower, Golden Gate bridge....I'm just glad you got to go and have such an amazing time. Oh, and your hotel rooms? Crazy nice!!

Dane & McCall said...

How fun!! I love love your dark hair, you look so pretty/hot in all your pics! Let's play soon! Loves.

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