Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anyone need their doors painted???

My mom has been wanting Matt to paint some of the doors in the house for a while, but with Matt gone working in Las Vegas he hasn't had time. Last week he took a day, and got all 21 doors that my mom picked out. I didn't know how he was going to do them all, but of course he surprised me again with another hidden talent of mass door painting. The before and after of the doors was gross. When you looked at them they looked like a combination of yellow/grayish/brownish/disgusting. Matt has a sprayer that he used to paint them, and did two coats of white. They look so much better I can't even believe it. After my mom saw how amazing they looked she wanted him to do more...I think 21 doors in one day is enough though. Just one more reason why he is so amazing!!! Thanks Matt!


Reese said...

That's it. I am flying you two out here tomorrow. Seriously, that is awesome.

Rebekah said...

Is there anything that Matt can't do??? I bet your mom loves him even more now! I can't wait for thrusday, well actualy friday, @ 12:13 am!!
love, Rebekah

Rowbury Adventures said...

someday when I get a house and I need some doors painted I'll give you a call! haha

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