Friday, September 18, 2009


School has started so I can't guarantee that I will be blogging much. That and the fact that my camera met a toddler, so its out of commission right now. Everything is going really well I have already gotten through my first week of school, and I am already used to getting up at 5:30. I joined the AAF this semester which is an advertising company, and we are going to Boise in a couple of weeks to visit some companies and help them out at a golf tournament. It should be really fun.
Dance is getting better every week I teach non competitive teams this year, but its still so much fun. The girls are so eager to learn I love it. I also have this boys class, and I can't believe the energy those little bodies have. They are so adorable. My class is filled with comments like, "Want to see what I can do" (which I now know isn't a question its more of a command) and, "are we going to play lights off dance off" otherwise known as freeze dance, and we turn off the lights and turn on christmas lights its their favorite thing to do.
Matt has been doing some serious painting at our house. The other night he got to the house at 10:30 and when I woke up for school he was just leaving. He is painting a couple rooms in the house including trim, doors, ceilings. walls. I can't believe how much better it looks.
Of course last Sunday was the first season game for the Redskins. They played the Giants in New York, so you can imagine what a tough game that was. It was a good game, and we didn't get to watch the whole thing. There were a couple fights too and thats always exciting. We didn't come out with a win, but the score was close 17-23. This sunday we are playing the Rams, hopefully we can come out with a win.

Anyways that is what is going on with me hopefully I will be able to get some pictures up soon!


Reese said...

I might just have to fly Matt out here to help us out. (you can come too......but only if you play lights of dance off with my kids)

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