Monday, July 13, 2009

Two More Weeks!!

School is winding down thank goodness. I am in need of some serious motivation to end the semester. Its so hard to keep that drive to go to class when its summer, everyone is going on road trips and staying up late, and I can't join in! Any words of encouragement would be awesome.

As for my picture of the week I thought I would show everyone some of the things that Matt has been working on over the summer break. It is amazing what he can do from scratch. All he does it draw something up and get started its crazy.

For Father's day my mom asked him to build my dad a desk for the computer to sit on. It needed to match the other desk in the room, and fit exactly in the corner between the window and the wall. This is what he made in his garage in a couple days.

He brought it over to our house and after setting up everything in the office it looked so much better especially compared to what was in there before.

The next project that he has been spending the majority of his time on is at his parents house. I could set up a separate blog of what he has done on the house. To list a few of the things: move the stair case, raise the floor, vault the ceiling, took doors and windows out and cut new holes in the walls to relocate new ones, add a whole section to the house, built the deck, roof, arch way, corner pantry....all from scratch no plans! He and his dad have spent countless hours doing all this and I don't think anyone but them realize what kind of work it took to do all of it. Good job you guys you are a talented duo!

This is an old picture I will have to get one that has the finished result.


Jill said...

I'm glad you've been taking pics along the way! You have seen the whole process-probably more than the rest of us.

:) You're lucky to have such a talented man!!

Idaho Stoker Family said...

You shouldn't be so difficult :D

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