Friday, July 31, 2009

One Year

I am really late at posting this, but hey better late than never. Just wanted to recognize that Matt and I have past the year mark how cool is that. He is the besssssst.
Here is a couple photos from the past year. When I say a couple I really mean a coulple as in two.
At Matt's cabin picking out a Christmas tree. I mean seriously how cute is that.

This is me on one of our first dates. Matt invited me to watch his football game, then we went to a friends house and had some pizza. Thanks Jill and Scott for making me feel so welcome even on the first day I met you guys. (Ps. I miss my blonde hair)


Jill said...

I for one am glad you were at the game.
I am also glad I can say I have known (and loved) you for a year as well.

You bring such a bright spot into all of our lives. You are a wonderful person-and Matt is blessed to have you in his life.

Yay for a year. And many more to come.

PS This is a long time coming-but sorry Parker was so obnoxious and wouldn't leave you alone during that football game. Especially when she flipped dried grass onto you and your friend....

Logan & Allie said...

ooh! I just stumbled across your blog and got so excited to see that you have a blog! Congrats on the one year mark! We need to catch up some time!

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