Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Engaged! Bridal Shower

Everyone probably already has heard by now, but I just wanted to officially announce that I am engaged! It happened back in August so I am a little late :). I am just going to give a quick run down of how Matt purposed.

Matt and I were going to have dinner with his sister Jill and her husband Scott up in Rexburg because that is where "Jill wanted to go for her birthday dinner." We didn't drive up there together because Scott had to do something for work before we had dinner so they were going to leave earlier than us. When Matt and I got to the restaurant Jill and Scott joined us a little after telling us that after dinner Scott was going to need Matt to help him with some equipment. So we ate some yummy dinner and then Jill and I went to grab something at the bookstore while Matt and Scott were "loading equipment." (Funny side note was while Jill and I went to the bookstore I got asked out on a date by some random kid, little did he know what was going down that night haha)
Anyways we finally met up with all of them. Meanwhile I had no idea that anything fishy was going on, in fact I thought everyone was telling the truth! Jill and Scott took off and Matt took me to where we went on our first date which was on a rooftop of one of the buildings at BYU-Idaho. We couldn't find a way up, even though Matt already knew that, so we went for a little walk into one of the new sections of the gardens up there. As we were walking we come up to this candlelit place with pillows and a blanket. Matt had some of our favorite frozen yogurt in a cooler behind a tree. I was thinking to myself wow this is romantic good grief! I didn't think that it could be THE night because I was sure Matt hadn't asked my dad yet. Anyways we had a good little chat and the sprinklers came on. While we were gathering them up Matt asked for me to help him stand up, then pretended his knee hurt so I bend down to help him (such an idiot I know) I finally stand up and he grabs my hand and purposed. It was so cute and lets just say I was on cloud nine for a while. I couldn't take my eyes off my hand haha I am such a girl.
I am so grateful that I get to marry my best friend Matt is everything I could have asked for. He has a wonderful family that I love so much. I can't wait to begin our lives together! Love you Matt.

Julie's Bridal Shower

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