Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok so this is going to be a huge blog I've been dogging it for a couple of weeks with finals and Thanksgiving break, but I did take some pictures!

Over Thanksgiving break I got to hang out with my family and eat some good amounts of pumpkin pie. I also was invited to spend the weekend in Las Vegas with my boyfriend's family. It was so so much fun! We got to visit Matt's brother, Mitch and his wife, Sara and their little girl Arie it was so fun to get to know them better.

This is from inside the Bellagio, they had the coolest set up for Thanksgiving, we are standing in front of this tunnel with water tunnels going over us it was really cool.

This is just some of the plants and flowers it smelled so good.

Its kind of dark but here is a tree that would talk and blink his eyes.

This was a part of the ceiling inside of the Bellagio, and all of it is made out of glass it was so pretty.

This was probably my favorite thing we saw the water show that plays music and the water shoots up depending on the beat of the music. I even got lucky enough when it was doing it to a Christmas song.

I can't remember what building this was I just thought it was really cool, and we were waiting for the Tram I think thats what its called.

This is my favorite picture. One of the nights matt and I got to hang out with Stan and Debbie, and I realized they were just a goofy as us :)

Here is Matt in front of that tunnel again you can see the water really good in this one. How cute is he!

Here I am this black man really wanted to be in the picture, and we tried to get him to smile but he was really shy.


Jill said...

thanks for posting pics of me! Oh wait, I wasn't there...

:) Glad you had fun without me though. Your pictures are so so cute. I love the one of my mom and dad....will you e-mail it to me?

When are we hanging out?!


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