Friday, September 19, 2008

This semester...........

As so of you know I started school about two weeks ago. I joined a class called the ranger challenge that is part of an ROTC program, I was asked to join and told it was kinda like a fitness class.....Right. We were told to come to class at 6 am every morning. Well every morning turned into 5:30 am MWF and now it is just 5:30, so I have been sacrificing college social life to get to bed early so I can go torture myself the next day. Hmmm I guess with a sister in the army its kinda driven me a little bit more just getting a taste of what her days might be like since we don't get regular updates. Anyways class consists of continuous running, push-ups, sit-ups and I guess you could call them. We have to wear uniforms every day boots, army pants, jacket, hat and all. (Pictures of me in these items are still being reviewed in fear of being blackmailed with them) Here are some pictures of what my body has been going through visibly, if I could take a picture of the fatigue and soreness that is included then that big bruise would look normal. Needless to say it has actually been really cool to be a part of I've increased my 2-mile run to 15:05 last wednesday and I can run a 10K in army boots with 40lb packs on our backs this is not an easy task. It is like having 15lbs added on each foot, in addition to feeling 40lbs heavier. Well no worries it will all be over oct. 10 when we go to compete against different schools like Gonzaga, BSU, ISU, and Montana State.

Other than that school has been going really great, and starting dance this fall has been the best! I also am on a soccer team, we won our first game and we seem to have a decent team. I have recently dyed my hair really dark, I guess I just needed a change and was sick of re-highliting my hair. If you have any pointers for getting more sleep and still staying up and acting like a college student let me know.

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